Bergeon are the most renowned watch tool maker in the world. Bergeon high grade Swiss professional watch tools are used by watchmakers worldwide. The Bergeon 30080-H is the industry standard 1.6mm Screwdriver Tool used by many thousands of watchmakers.

Removing and adjusting screws on your watch strap or bracelet requires the very best tools. Here at WatchStraps.ie we have seen our fair share of cheap watchmaker tools made from poor quality steel with rough ragged ends that can and have easily damaged precious timepieces. We encourage anyone who owns a luxury timepiece to invest in premium quality tools to easily remove and adjust watch straps and bracelets, we only recommend Bergeon tools. The Bergeon 30080-H Screwdriver head is 1.6mm and is a must have for owners of Rolex oyster bracelets as it is perfectly sized to remove screws and links on these models.

Product Details

  • Chromium plated
  • 1.6mm screwdriver head
  • 4 Spare Blades included
  •  Ideal for Rolex oyster bracelets
  • Colour Coded
  • Swiss Made



    SKU: 30080-H

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