Everest Nylon Curved end watch straps are as beautiful to look at as they are to wear. The combination of sport and luxury will bring a new look and feel to your Rolex sport watch. It is no accident that Everest have chosen high end Nylon as the source material for their latest straps, the textured pattern is simply stunning, and it is remarkable how well they work with Rolex sports models as Everest themselves say about their new Nylon straps ‘they keep the essence of the Rolex sport watch if not enhancing its beauty’ and we would agree, there is a strong argument to say that the hypoallergenic lined Nylon strap might just be the most stylish way to wear your Rolex sports watch.

Everest Bands produce the world’s finest aftermarket Rolex watch straps. The flawless fit, craftsmanship, rich colours and robustness of Everest Bands make them stand out amongst other watch straps.  WatchStraps.ie is delighted to be the Official Irish Retailer for Everest Bands.

This Everest Curved End Nylon Strap EH8 is compatible with:

  • Submariner: 16800, 168000, & 16610, Ceramic 116610, 114060 & gold models
  • Explorer I – 39mm: 214270
  • Explorer II: 16570 & 16550
  • Sea-Dweller: 16600 & 16660
  • Daytona in Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold that came originally with bracelet strap* (NOT compatible with the white gold or rose gold versions).
  • Yacht-Master: 16622, 16623, 16628.
  • GMT Master I & II – Ref: 16760, 16700 & 16710
  • GMT Master II – Ceramic: 116710 and all gold or colour variations

What makes Everest Watch Straps so special?

Quality – Every single aspect of the Everest watch strap has been considered and thought through in painstaking detail to ensure a flawless product that maintains the essence of your Rolex watch perfectly.

Robust Tang Buckle – Unlike cheaper straps the Everest buckle is made from a solid piece of 316L steel, the buckle tongue is robust and sits perfectly flush into the buckle creating a ‘barely-there’ feel  

Soft Hypoallergenic Lining – All Everest Curved End Nylon Straps feature a soft Swiss made Hypoallergenic lining.

2 Rolex Style spring bars included – 2 high quality 2.0mm Rolex style spring bars are included with all Everest Bands

Case Connection -  Everest Bands are precision made and fit flawlessly with your watch case - the case connection is gap-free, resistant to jarring and keeps the essence of a Rolex watch perfectly

Hardened inserts – The curved ends feature hardened ABS inserts embedded in the connection end of the strap to the case to ensure a perfect fit but also protect and relieve pressure on the spring bar channel ensuring a very safe fit

Strength – The team at WatchStraps.ie have been wearing Everest Straps solidly for over 2 years, they have never stretched, split or let us down on the toughest of adventures.

Don’t worry about scratching your bracelet – Protect your original bracelet from knocks and scratches and let your Everest Band do the hard work!

Swiss Made - Everest bands are manufactured at the world’s foremost watch strap facility in Switzerland (the same used by very well-known luxury watch brands), the engineering and tooling used to craft Everest bands is second to none ensuring made to fit with the highest tolerances to your Rolex watch case

Product Specifications

  • Precision fit to your Rolex model – perfectly connects to the case
  • Swiss made by the world leader in watch straps
  • The nylon fabric is a high-quality, interwoven textile material  
  • Soft hypoallergenic Lining
  • Custom Curved End Nylon strap
  • ABS plastic insert permanently embedded at the case connection point
  • To fit 20mm lug width
  • Solid 316L Steel Buckle
  • Your order includes two Rolex style 2.0mm spring bars and custom buckle
  • 9 sizing holes to fit to any wrist
  • 80mm + 120mm length
  • 2 heavy duty strap keepers
  • Care and durability of nylon is more similar to leather as it is not waterproof
  • Available in 4 Colours: Black, Black & Red, Grey, Blue
  • Watch not included

Watchstraps.ie is an official authorized Everest Horology dealer. Watchstraps.ie and its products are not affiliated with, authorized, or endorsed by Rolex SA. All watches, likeness, and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Rolex SA.

SKU: EH8-BlackRed

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