Staib Official Irish Retailer

Staib produce the finest Milanaise watch bracelets in the world and for this reason Staib are the go to producer for Milanaise bracelets for the world’s leading luxury watch brands.  WatchStraps.ie are delighted to be an official Staib Retailer.

Staib Milanaise watch bracelets are simply a thing of beauty, flawlessly crafted with precision engineering, the bracelets ooze luxury, the team at WatchStraps are huge fans of Staib bracelets.

Milanaise mesh is the most comfortable type of metal bracelets to wear your watch on, the mesh is perfectly smooth and hugs the contours of your wrist perfectly giving an unbelievably comfortable wearing experience. The Staib butterfly clasp is especially enjoyable to wear; it is exceptionally well engineered with beautiful polished links which gracefully hide the secure locking mechanism, which give a very satisfying ‘clink’ on closure. The links are easy to remove giving adjustments of 5mm.    

This Staib bracelet is 22mm wide and is luxuriously thick at 3.6mm (yet still very light at 65g), the bracelet features Staib’s classic and flawless mesh pattern. The 3.6mm sides of the mesh feature a beautiful hand polished intrinsic linked pattern, cheaper and thinner Milanaise bracelets never feature such fine detailing on the sides. The lug ends also feature a solid cylinder to hose the springbars, these have been  machined from a single stainless steel bar (rather than a folded cylinder) ensuring an exceptionally strong and secure fit, this fitting also includes easy access springbar groves to easy fit or remove your bracelet. 

Staib was established in 1922 in Pforzheim, Germany and is the leading supplier of luxury Milanaise mesh bracelets to the Swiss, German and French watch making industries. If you are a fan of the luxury Milanaise mesh bracelets used by Breitling, Audemars Piguet & Hermès then look no further than Staib.

Product Details

  • Lug width: 22mm straight edge, (20, 22 or 24 mm also available to purchase from us)
  • Springbar max thickness – 1.9mm
  • Mesh thickness: 3.6 mm
  • Total length:  130mm, 150mm  or 170mm excluding watch. Each can be shortened by up to 20mm using the 4 removable extension links (5 mm per link).
  • Material: 316L Stainless steel, polished top surface and sides, matt finish inside
  • Colour: steel
  • Strap design: classic
  • Buckle: Double deployment butterfly buckle with side pushers, stainless steel
  • Weight: 65 g - 85 g (depending on model)
SKU: 2792-20043PBS

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