The SwissKubiK Masterbox is SwissKubiK’s flagship and most popular watch winder model. It is the most reliable, well designed and functional watch winder we have ever used.

The Masterbox showcases the best of modern Swiss design with its perfect 10cm3 Cube form and is available in a variety of finishes, this model is finished in Sapphire Blue Anodized Aluminium.

With the SwissKubiK Masterbox you can completely customise the watch winder program to the exact number of rotations, speed and direction of rotations specific to your watch model using the SwissKubiK Bluetooth App or via a USB connection. The SwissKubiK MasterBox can be connected to a power source or can use simple batteries that provide 3 years of continuous use and requires no power supply. This means your watch winder can be easily moved around and stored securely in a safe long term without the power running out.

SwissKubiK watch winders are the most reliable watch winders available on the market today. The exceptional made in Switzerland build quality using Swiss made components, unrivalled 3 year worldwide warranty and 3 years continuous movement autonomy from the ultra-silent motor make SwissKubiK watch winders unique and the preferred choice for watch connoisseurs globally. It's no surprise the most prestigious watch making brands in Switzerland recommend SwissKubiK for use with their timepieces. WatchStraps.ie is delighted to be an Official Ireland and EU Retailer for SwissKubiK, we provide free delivery across Europe and a free gift with every order.

SwissKubik Product Video

Why Choose SwissKubik Watch Winders

  • Reliability – SwissKubik are the most reliable Watch Winders on the market. Assembled by hand in Switzerland using components sourced within a 50 kilometres radius of the factory, adherence to strict quality control and quality components are central to what makes SwissKubik watch winders so reliable.

  • 3 Year Worldwide Warranty – SwissKubik offer the longest watch winder warranty on the market, this is a testament to the build quality and components used by SwissKubik, when you buy SwissKubik you are buying a product with integrity and commitment to their customers.
  • 3 Year continuous movement - Thanks to the performance of the 100% Swiss-made mechanisms, SwissKubik watch winders are completely autonomous for three years. Two simple C-type batteries are enough to ensure operation. This makes them the ideal choice for storing your timepiece in a safe or location without a power supply.
  • Completely Customisable programs for your watch – Using the SwissKubik Bluetooth App or USB connection you can easily custom program your SwissKubik Masterbox and define the exact number of rotations, speed and direction of rotations specific to your watch model as recommended by the watch manufacturer.
  • Beautiful Minimal design - A thing of beauty in their own right SwissKubiK watch winders feature modern and contemporary Swiss design using the finest materials. With elegance and modernity, they match your watch shape, colour and strap material without overshadowing the essence of your timepiece.  It is the perfect platform to showcase your beautiful timepiece. SwissKubiK MasterBox watch winders are available in a wide range of materials including leather, with or without stitching, aluminium, wood and carbon and a variety of colours, each a perfect 10cm Cube.

  • Cutting-edge technology - SwissKubiK watch winders are equipped with an ultra-silent, non-magnetic, energy-saving motor. In compliance with the Swiss Made quality label and in order to limit its carbon footprint, all SwissKubiK suppliers have been selected within a radius of 50 kilometres from the manufacturing base.
  • Swiss Made - 100% Designed and manufactured by hand in Switzerland from start to finish with Swiss components. All SwissKubiK watch winders meet the requirements of the Swiss Made label. Swiss KubiK is completely in line with the Swiss spirit – this wise union of respect for tradition and an immense capacity for innovation. When you have one or more Swiss KubiK watch winders in your home, you can be sure that you own a quality object to showcase your watch or watches.
  • Perfect for storing your watch in a safe place - SwissKubik watch winders are completely autonomous for three years, this makes them ideal for storage and use in a location without a power supply, they are also exceptionally compact at only 10 x 10 x 10 cm.
  • Intelligent collaboration - In 2017, SwissKubiK joined forces with Scatola del Tempo, the Italian pioneer of watch winders, to expand its product range, create synergies and meet the demands of a growing market. Together, they now offer the best of design and technology.

Customisable settings

Out of the box the SwissKubiK Masterbox is set with a default program that is perfect for over 90% of automatic watches on the market today. The Masterbox default program undergoes 95 cycles of 20 rotations each (10 clockwise and 10 anticlockwise), a total of 1900 rotations every 24 hours. Between each rotation cycle, the watch holder stops automatically in its initial vertical position.

The SwissKubiK Masterbox program is completely customisable. Since 2019 all SwissKubiK Masterbox models are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology.

Simply install the SwissKubiK App on your smartphone or connect your Masterbox to your computer using the USB connection to easily control and adjust your watch winder features including -

  • Individually program each watch winder in your collection; you can adjust the number of rotations, the direction of rotations and speed of rotations.
  • Easily program your watch winder(s) remotely.
  • Adjust the light
  • Check the condition of the batteries
  • Give a name to each winder
  • Save and preserve the batteries which will only work when the watch winder is activated by the application.

Style vs. Substance

It’s no coincidence that the most prestigious watch making brands in Switzerland recommend SwissKubiK watch winders as the preferred choice for their timepieces. In recent years the watch market has been flooded with cheap watch winders and sadly even some well-known watch winder brands are now focusing more on marketing and style rather than the quality of their products and are known to be using cheaper Chinese components leading to documented reliability and warranty issues.  SwissKubiK on the other hand is all about quality; the minimal Swiss design is classic and unpretentious and does exactly what it was designed to do while no expense has been spared on the quality of the internal components, motor and functionally of the SwissKubik. Having invested considerably in your precious timepiece the last thing you need is a watch winder that is noisy, emits magnetism, overwinds or underwinds your watch or indeed  fails when you least expect it. SwissKubik will not let you down, it guarantees your watches durability and precision by ensuring that its mechanisms are never interrupted.

Product Specifications

  • 100% Swiss Design and Manufacture
  • Dimensions :10 × 10 × 10 cm
  • Can work on a power supply or by 2 standard C-type  (LR14 ) alkaline batteries with a lifespan of 3-years in steady operation
  • Material: Sapphire Blue Anodized Aluminium
  •  3-years international warranty
  • USB and/or Bluetooth connection offers an easy customisation of the program to meet the exact daily recommended rotational requirements of your timepiece
  • All watch rotations are counted as standard
  • The Masterbox default program  performs 1900 rotations every 24 hours
  • Exclusive, modern and contemporary design
  • Fully adjustable to accept any size and style of watch - The watch holders are available in 2 sizes – normal  (supplied as normal) and small and are held in place by a locking system. The normal holder fits wrist diameters from 6.5 to 8 inches, while the small holder is for wrist sizes 5.5 to 6.5 inches.
  • Your watch will automatically position itself vertically when the watch winder is paused and between rotation sessions
  • An LED light is provided to indicate battery life.
  • SwissKubiK  watch winders features an ultra-silent motor without magnetism
  •  Window protection available as an optional extra

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