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Bergeon are the most renowned watch tool maker in the world. Bergeon high grade Swiss professional watch tools are used by watchmakers worldwide. The Bergeon 6767-F is the industry standard spring bar tool and is used by many thousands of watchmakers.

Here at WatchStraps.ie we have seen our fair share of cheap spring bars tools made from poor quality steel with rough ragged ends that can and have easily damaged precious timepieces. We encourage anyone who owns a luxury timepiece to invest in premium quality spring bars tool, we only recommend Bergeon tools, we wouldn’t touch our watches with anything less! The Bergeon 6767-F is a must have for any watch owner.

This tool is used to fit and remove spring bars, and is supplied with a fine fork end of 1.00mm allowing easy access to even most hard to remove spring bars and a fine point end of .8mm to easily push out spring bars.

Both the fine point and the fine fork can be replaced by simply unscrewing them and it is possible to purchase alternative/replacement ends to fit the Bergeon 6767

Product Details

  • Length: 145 mm
  • Fine fork end width:  1.00mm
  • Fine point width: .8mm
  • Handle in stainless steel
  • Points in hardened tempering steel
  • Points threaded for easy replacement
  • Swiss Made


SKU: 6767-F

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